Our mission

is to involve children in amusing exercises, in order to introduce the healthy benefits of swimming, such as:
• Posture improvement, through balanced muscle exercises
• Losing extra weight
• Increases body flexibility
• Leads to healthier lifestyle
• Has recreational effect on the body
• Reduces stress level
• Reduces cholesterol
• Reduces chance of diabetes
• Has positive influence on asthma
Our mission is to help children become healthier, stronger, smarter and emotionally balanced, through swimming exercises.
Swimming and water gymnastics prevent spinal curvature, by improving overall physical condition. The spine is a major and very fragile part of our bodies and is crucial for our movement. Nowadays, children spend most of their time sitting down, which leads to spinal curvature disorders.
According to statistics, the number of children suffering from scoliosis increases every day.  Water rehabilitation proves to be highly beneficial for treating and preventing such harmful conditions, as it strengthens arm, back and leg muscles. This is why we have adapted our couching techniques to children’s needs, by bringing fun to our sessions. The coaches spend individual time with each child, in order to tailor the exercises to their needs.